The one in which I’m a little overenthusiastic about alligator pears…

I mentioned in my first post that I had asked my husband for some suggestions for my to-do list. He suggested making sushi, something I used to do often enough in my 20s, but haven’t since I met him – a shame, since he is in love with anything Japanese. I studied Japanese right through high school and some of university, and went on a 3-week school exchange to Japan when I was 15. It’s a culture I love, and their food is incredible! So on Sunday afternoon, I went and got all the things I needed and made some beautiful fresh salmon and avocado sushi!

Sushi1I like to be super-prepared when I cook and lay out everything I need in advance.  Looks impressive, no?

I forgot how damn fiddly making sushi is.  The rice needs to be super-sticky, and it was sticking to everything it possibly could.  (I discovered more rice on the back of my hand after completing it.  And in several places on the bench after I’d already wiped it down.)

I started putting everything together, and rolled my sushi up into a pretty roll with my wonderful sushi rolling mat.

Sushi2It’s at this point I realised that I was little overenthusiastic with my avocado chopping and I’ve prepared waaaaay too much.  Of course, when you start with an avocado you, unfortunately, have to ear the whole thing so it doesn’t go brown (in a *dramatic-hand-on-forehead* “Oh no, I have to eat the WHOLE thing!” kind of way).  So while my sushi was chillin’ in the fridge (imagine little sunglasses,  one arm loosely slung over the cucumber – “How YOU doin’?), I whip up some of my famous guacamole.


Sushi chilled sufficiently, I sliced it up and served it for dinner with pickled ginger, soy sauce, and  a ridiculously hot wasabit that kept my husband and I’s eyes watering! (and we LOVE hot stuff).  Another of the 101 ticked off the list!


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