Chipping away…

Woops!  It’s been a while.  I’ve been neglecting my duties!  Not that I haven’t continued with my goal list, I just haven’t been updating.  Life gets hectic sometimes, huh? (and yet, I still want to squeeze in 101 things in 1001 days???)

A lot of my time is spent working on my current novel, the one I wish to eventually send off to publishers in the next… 957 days.  (It doesn’t seem like long when I say it like that).  I am really happy with it though, and excited!  I feel like this is a ‘good’ novel, whatever that means, certainly more structured, interesting and well-written than my last.  Perhaps I’ll post a chapter or two up here when I feel like it’s ready for other people’s consumption – would people like that?

Last Sunday, I combined two of my goals into one – establish a new tradition and my second girlfriend date!  My beautiful girlfriends – and colleagues – Jess and Clara came out for brunch at Cafe Massimo on a gorgeously hot and sunny day to join me for “Gal-entine’s Day”.  Now, I’m aware that I have blatantly ripped off the wonderful show, Parks and Recreation, in my naming of this event, but the focus was entirely different.  In Parks and Recreation, the woman get together and talk about romance; our Gal-entine’s Day was far more about celebrating our female relationships and ourselves as women!

We took a table in the sun which, with my skin, proved to be a bad idea.  Luckily, I had a cardigan in my bag, so although I was hot, I was sunproofed!  We each ordered something different – scrambled eggs with smoked salmon for Clara, eggs benedict for Jess, creamy mushrooms for me – and they all looked fantastic.  It was very busy at the cafe with lots of people having finished the Colour Run (and sitting on their plastic ponchos).  It inspired me for next year, it looked like everyone had a blast!  My creamy mushrooms were amazing – the creamy sauce not too rich, with juicy, perfectly cooked mushrooms and crispy sourdough.  Thoroughly recommended!

After a lot of talking and catching up, and our bellies full (and caffiene fixes hit!), there was a firm pledge to do this again next year!




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