One of the most awesome thing about having brothers is they make beautiful nieces and nephews to hang out with.  Okay, there’s plenty of other things that are great about them too, but I love me some niece and nephew time.  I have 2 wonderful nieces and 3 gorgeous nephews in total and they are all so much fun!  So when I saw an opportunity to be awesome-aunty for the day, I took it!

MOTAT has heaps of kid-oriented experiences throughout the year, and last Sunday was Children’s Day across the country, so they had a bunch of fun stuff on.  I asked my brother if I could take my beautiful 3-year-old niece, G, out for the day and he readily agreed.  G is heaps of fun to hang out with, she’s really well-behaved and chatters away non-stop, we can hang out for hours and she STILL wants more!

So after my brother dropped her off and she had raided my rubber duck collection, off we went to MOTAT.  Prior to getting there, she had been telling everyone that she was going to get her face painted as a butterfly – and that I would too!  I was totally keen, but once we got there, it was a BIG line, so my face-painting went right out the window.  G was totally good about it though, half an hour in the baking sun, she just found some shade, took a couple of pieces of fruit, and entertained herself.  Once we got to the front, there were 2 boards of different face-painting styles to choose from – one boys and one girls, of course (cue eye rolling).  To my surprise, she avoided the butterflies altogether, and pointed to the steampunk cogs!  I’ve never been so proud in all my life 😀  A girl after my own heart!Motat9

After the face-painting (the main attraction for G), we ate an icecream in the shade, played on some of the cool contraptions, petted animals at the petting zoo, and even made our own lollipop!

G’s favourite thing at the moment is diggers (again, so proud!), so every time we spotted a digger, we had to yell “diggah!”.  At the moment, there are a bunch of roadworks outside MOTAT so we had lots of fun “diggah!” moments 😀

As soon as we got in the car to go home, G was out like a light.  She’d been such a trooper in the hot sun all day, we had such awesome fun.

Can’t wait to take my beautiful niece out again soon!


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