New recipes to add to the collection!

Having a list of countries that you have to learn to cook some kind of dish from certainly helps provide inspiration for dinner!  When you don’t know what to cook next, or what to do with that meat you got out, it’s very helpful to look at what’s next and then go to Google.

This is exactly what I did last night! “Hmm… what am I going to do with this fish?” *check list*  “Algeria….” *google Algeria fish dish*  “Algerian fish tagine!”.  Yay for geography lessons too because, if I’m being honest, I probably could not have told you where in the world Algeria was.  I think I was getting it mixed up with Albania.

But!  Knowing that Algeria is right beside Morocco made tagine make complete sense! And boy, do husband and I like us some tagine!  The marinating fish smelled absolutely incredible, and made me want to just gobble it all down before it was finished cooking.  I may have added a few too many olives (if there is such a thing), but man it was absolutely DELICIOUS!  Definitely one to add to the permanent rotation.

My darling  mother also sent me a contribution to my goal list – a recipe for Chicken Pho, a traditional Vietnamese street food.  It was SO incredibly easy and quick, and another stunningly delicious meal, so that one is going into permanent rotation too.  Thanks Mum!

Lastly, I also did some fascinating history wikipedia-ing on a previously unheard of country/territory – Akrotiri.  Akrotiri is officially “The Soverign Base Areas of Akrotiri and Dhekelia”, and is a British Overseas Territory on the island of Cyprus.  They have remained part of UK territory even through the 1974 military coup and violent protests in 2001 regarding the UK’s plan to upgrade communication masts there.

According to some Googling, a dish that comes from the area is “skordalia”, a hummus-like dip that is made from potatoes, olive oil and garlic.  It sounded amazing to me, so I thought I’d give it a go.  On the whole, it was fine… but the consistency was more gluey than I expected from photos I saw, so perhaps I need to try a different recipe.  One to try again at another date perhaps?


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