The best laid plans of mice and men…

… and husbands and wives.

Husband and I had decided that this month’s date, we would take advantage of Academy Cinemas’ $5-Wednesday deals and go to see a movie (Birdman, to be precise).  Going out to a movie has become prohibitively expensive here in Auckland, it’s ridiculous.  It’s certainly a treat rather than an often-times thing, so when I discovered that every Wednesday you can pay $5 to see the latest films, I was so there.

However, I did make the silly mistake of thinking that being a small, out-of-the-way cinema, no one else knew about this, and so I went straight after work to get tickets… only to find it had already sold out.  Damn.  Plan out the window.  The only movie they still had seats for was American Propaganda *cough* I mean Sniper, and I wasn’t particularly enthralled about seeing.

So, with nothing in mind to do on this particularly hot and sunny evening, I picked up my husband from work, and we wandered down to  find somewhere for a cold drink.  We stopped in at Stark’s with husband getting a tall cold beer, and myself an icy Blue Lagoon.  We sat in the closed foyer entrance to the Civic and watched people go by, trying to decide what to do with our evening.  We  can’t go anywhere we have to walk a long way – I’ve prepared for an evening of sitting, and have my sky-high heels on.  Pool?  Maybe.  Art Galley? Closes at 5 (side note – what kind of major metropolitan city has an art gallery that closes at 5?). Theatre? Nothing in particular on.  To which point I exclaim “Why aren’t there any other movie theatres in central Auckland?!”  and my husband says, “There’s one right next door.  In the Metro Building.”…….. “Oh yeah,” I say sheepishly.

We decide to wander up and see what’s on, and find that The Imitation Game starts in about 20 minutes.  Hurrah!  We both wanted to see this.  So we buy tickets, grab a quick coffee to keep ourselves awake, and settle in.  The movie was fantastic, Benedict Cumberbatch (best. name. ever.) did a wonderful job of playing the genius Alan Turing.

After the movie finished, we decided we were hungry enough to have a small meal (we’d both had large, late lunches) and headed down to Elliott Stables, one of my favourite places in Auckland.  Given we only wanted something small, we went into El Faro and grabbed a few tapas plates to share.  It was absolutely delicious and exactly the right proportions for what we needed.

We headed home, happy with our spontaneous evening, and back by 9pm ready for an early night, even better!


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